Donner Creek Veterinary Clinic

5950 Robinson Road
Lockport, NY 14094


Our Staff 

Jeanne Fournier, DVM

Dr. Fournier graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell in 1993 and has been practicing in the area since. She purchased Donner Creek in July 2007. She shares her home with her husband and their 2 children, 2 Border Terriers (Loki & Freyja), 4 Bull Terriers (Clio, Taranis, Epona & Calliope), an American Foxhound (Argos), 3 cats (Periwinkle, Deuce & Crash), and her daughter’s Quarter Horse (Koda—he lives down the road). When not at work, Doc can be found at local & national dog shows (conformation and agility) with her dogs, Quarter Horse shows with her daughter, Buffalo Stars hockey games with her son, or just hanging out at home. She has been breeding show & companion Border Terriers & Bull Terriers for 4 years (some of the menagerie at home was born there). Two of her dogs (Clio & Argos) have won placements at Westminster. Loki (now retired) is also an agility champion. Doc’s interests at work are in preventative medicine, surgery, and reproduction.


Nicole, Office Manager/LVT

Nicole has been a technician at Donner Creek since graduating from Medaille in 2008. She makes her home in Royalton with her two Belgian Tervurens Kiwi and Andouille, and an old deaf Aussie named Beans. Andouille has his own cat, Louise. In her spare time Nicole loves to putz around outside with her crazy clan of chickens and working in her yard. Nicole loves to train dogs and attends classes regularly in the areas of herding (sheep and ducks), competitive obedience, nosework and conformation.


Adam, LVT


Kelsey, Assistant/Receptionist

Kelsey has been a veterinary assistant/receptionist at DCVC since April of 2015.  She owns two paint Quarter horses (Blue and Belle) and an English Bulldog (Priscilla-Cilly for short).  Along with helping care for her family's collie (Bella), cats (Salem and Tommy), and their goats and sheep (Noah, Zoe, Isabell, and Greta), she also is a volunteer for the Niagara County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol.  She also likes competing in local horse shows, barrel races, and rodeos.

Linda, Receptionist

Linda has been employed at Donner Creek as a receptionist for the past 14 years. She has four Australian Shepherds called Shiver, Shake, Rosie, and Quake. The aussies also have to share space with Razor, an Australian Cattle Dog, and three cats; Mama, Brownie, and Chaplin. Outside the home live Sheldon and Penny the miniature donkeys, as well as some chickens guarded by a cranky rooster named Rodney. In her spare time, Linda enjoys going to movies and gardening with her husband Paul. She shows her dogs at Agility trials and has been an agility instructor for 17 years now.


Helen K, Receptionist

Helen has been a receptionist at Donner Creek since March 6, 2008. She has three Standard Schnauzers (Baron, Mikie, and Raven) and a Yorkshire terrier (Tia Maria). She has trained them all in Obedience and Agility and they are all agility champions with many titles. Helen enjoys running with her dogs in agility, swimming, camping, and going out to dinner with the neighbors. She is also a member of The Standard Schnauzer Club of America.


Quake, The Greeter

Our official greeter, Quake has been hanging out behind the front desk with Mom Linda since she was a puppy. Known for her flair for fashion, Quake has made quite an impression with the public. She prefers more than anything to chew on rawhides that she finds in her Mom’s purse!


Sam & Ellie

Sam has been living at Donner Creek almost his entire life, 12 years so far. He is often seen visiting with clients in exam rooms or else can be found sleeping on top of the refrigerator. He recently went through a dramatic weight loss journey in which he went from seventeen pounds to just over thirteen pounds in about 2 years.

Ellie has lived her whole life at Donner Creek and is now one year old. She is less visible than Sam, spending most of her time begging for treats in the back and splashing around in the sink.